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Introducing Intelligent Power Today


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Intelligent Power Today Magazine, a new publication that explores and explains the who, what, where, when, why and how of intelligent electrical devices, a collection of complex mechanical devices and sophisticated control systems used in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities—also known as intelligent buildings.


According to the Institute for Building Efficiency, intelligent buildings use smart technologies to improve system functionality, control operating costs, and to keep building occupants safe, secure, comfortable, and, of course, productive.


Power Consumption
Canada’s industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors, according to Natural Resources Canada, consume the greatest amount of power. The industrial sector alone is responsible for 39 percent of the country’s total electricity consumption. It follows that building owners and operators must continuously monitor and manage their energy usage in order to control costs.

Smart technology has become the preferred method to accomplish this goal. Building owners and operators can manage energy usage more effectively using integrated systems for many different functions (for example, opening and closing doors, notification of intrusions). Read more

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Tough First Half for UPS market in 2015


According to the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market indexes, operated by IHS, the UPS market recorded its worst half year result in five years, down by 8.7 percent from the previous first half of 2014. Read more

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Counterfeiting Kills


Each year, the counterfeiting of well-known brands and products continues to rise, creating an even more threatening problem. Such well-known counterfeited brands, including consumer safety and critical electrical products, are estimated to be five to seven percent of world trade. Read more

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Special Magazine Preview


We are one step closer to the debut issue of Intelligent Power Today Magazine. Catch a glimpse of IPT’s special offerings in this special preview–published exclusively in Electricity Today Magazine, the authority of information for the North American transmission and distribution (T&D) sector.

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